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      • 5 tips on how to properly wear a sweater vest ...if you must.

        Nobody really likes a sweater vest, except for all girls.  And since boys really like girls, we may wear one every now and again. The hope is that we can wear one without looking like these guys....   Here are some simple rules.   1) A pig in a sweater vest still...

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      • How to tie a bow tie

        If you haven't yet learned how to tie a bow tie, it is time.  For any young man it is a right of passage and for any devoted woman,  it is the skill that will save the day when your handsome lesser half gets confused and forgets what he is doing. Once you are a learned man or woman, head to our Bow tie section to select your favorite and get started. Here is a video for reference.  How To Tie A Bow Tie Video
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